Become a ViDAS Volunteer

Become a ViDAS Volunteer

VIDAS Volunteers are:

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, students and concerned community members… working as a team to improving the lives of pets and owners through animal health care.

Volunteer Duties:

Spanish speakers are always needed on clinics. Spanish speakers, including vet students, will be utilized for: communication, translation, discharge instructions and education efforts in addition to medical duties.

Vet students and technicians: During clinics you will assist with physical exams, pre-medication and induction, surgical prep, anesthesia monitoring, cleaning instruments, recovery, and assisting the doctors as needed. Important information for Vet Students.

Veterinarians primarily do spay/neuter surgeries all day long but sometimes perform physical exams and anesthesia induction depending on the needs of the clinic.

Other volunteers assist with patient check-in and discharge, community outreach, animal restraint, administration of antiparasitics and post-op recovery.

Throughout the year we forcus efforts on public awareness, fundraising, and collecting/preparing supplies for clinics. Our goal is to provide treatment for as many animals as possible, with as few complications as possible in the few days that we visit a town.

Volunteer costs (some costs may be tax deductible):

  • Flight to Cancun.
  • You may be asked to pay for transportation to clinics by rental car or public transportation.
  • Food: we often get a few free meals but that’s very hard to predict. Be prepared to pay for your own meals (eating in Mexico is considered quite cheap by most Americans).
  • Generally accommodations during clinics are donated and usually quite nice (resorts, hotels, people’s homes). However, if housing cannot be arranged volunteers must be prepared to take on this expense.
  • Immunizations, recommended but not required: Rabies vaccine (you need 3) and/or titers, hepatitis, current tetanus.

Please click here to fill out our volunteer form. Since we are all volunteers, it will help us out greatly if you would please do this first. We will contact you and answer any other questions you might have once we receive this form. If you are unable to access the volunteer form for any reason please feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

ViDAS has a new volunteer policy! Due to the high number of applicants and in order to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of volunteering with us, we are asking that you apply for a specific trip. You must reapply with us for every trip that you would like to participate in, as a new waiting list will be started for each trip. If you have applied before, you do not need to fill out the entire application again, just your contact information and how many times you have applied.

Applications for each trip must be received at least 4 months prior to the first day of the clinic. All positions will be filled within 3 months prior to the trip, so if you have been chosen for a trip, you will be notified of your acceptance at least 3 months before the trip.

Local volunteer

Are you living in an area where VIDAS holds a clinic? Would you like to volunteer at the clinic, or help in some other way? We are often in need of things that only local people can supply!

  • help with advertising in the weeks before the clinic
  • help with check-in and recovery of animals at the clinic
  • places for our volunteers to stay during the clinic
  • rides to & from the airport
  • drinks, meals and/or snacks for the volunteers during the clinic
  • other items best supplied by local volunteers and helpers!

If you are a local and would like to help, please contact Sherry Stevens at: for more information about how you can get involved. Thank you!

View our Upcoming Events to see how or where you can help.

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